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Every day I will praise you and extol your name for ever and ever.  Great is the Lord and most worthy of praise; his greatness no one can fathom. One generation commends your works to another; they tell of your mighty acts.   - Psalm 145: 2-4

Dear Friends,                                                                         May 2016


              Grace and peace. Early in the morning each Sunday I pray at the altar for the worship services. I pray that someone that morning will hear  the Gospel  message of Jesus and his saving love. I pray that God would give me the words that would touch someone’s soul so they experience forgiveness of sins and a peace that passes understanding. I have seen the fruit from these prayers and I praise God. It is clear to me that people are hungry for a personal relationship with God.  We live in a world that overwhelms us with bad news and hurtful words. We are constantly bombarded with information that can wear us down and create stress. Just like physical junk food can do to our bodies- spiritual junk food and negativity can bring terrible health for our souls. ‘You are what you eat’ is a true saying. 

We are experiencing a revival of sharing our stories of faith and God sightings. When you read this pastoral letter it will be right after the exciting and Holy Spirit filled Lay Witness Mission event at First UMC. 22 people will have shared their stories of how God has transformed them and brought them healing, peace, love, joy and salvation. I know that lives have been changed by the simple fact of hearing these testimonies. The power of a personal testimony and  witness is a foundation of the church. We tell the story of Jesus and his love and then we tell our own story of how God has worked in our lives today. The Holy Spirit will move us to simply share with others our story of new life in Jesus. It can be as profound as our born again experience or simply a God sighting in the ordinary of living a life with eyes of faith- that see God all around us. 

I shared in church how touched I was when something simple yet        profound happened while pumping gas recently. I pulled into the Shell Station in downtown Westborough and a man pulled his car right in front of me to beat me to the spot. I backed up and tried to not let it bother me. As I pumped gas I saw the man get out of his car and approach me. I was thinking to myself… Oh no- here comes trouble….be ready for a confrontation. But what happened was a God sighting. This man looked me in the eyes and said, “I am really sorry for pulling in front of you like that. I was wrong to do that. Please forgive me.” I told him it was no problem. He smiled and began pumping his gas. It was like God was instantly present through this man’s apology. Grace was made present through his gracious actions and kind words. I went from being mad at him to truly respecting and liking him. All because he decided in that moment to make things right by apologizing. How often do we not welcome God in the situation by being gracious. This moment at the gas station reminds me how hungry we all are for God and moments of grace.

I thank you for being someone who celebrates God moments- large and small.  I encourage you to be a person who shares the moments of grace so others will come to know Jesus. It is contagious and fun. And when you do share from your heart you feel great.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor John

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