Global Outreach

Serving and making a difference around the world

Africa Mission - Rwanda

A variety of Africa Missions are led by the Neil family, who have a rich history of mission work in Rwanda along with family members who live there year-round. The Neils have graciously invited our congregation into their home in Rwanda as host to annual trips to provide supplies, medical support and the love of Jesus with so many folks in Rwanda. Through this partnership, the Neils have opened a school in Rwanda and have recently made it possible for our church members in Westborough to sponsor students at that school. For more information on our growing partnership with Rwanda, please contact Amy Neil at Our next trip to Africa will take place in February, 2020.

Pastor Lwabimba’s School in the Congo

Amazing things are happening in Miti! Construction has begun on a new wood and tin-roofed school building for children from Kindergarten through 6th Grade. The school has grown to over 100 children, with many more waiting for a chance to attend. The community has cleared and planted 2 large gardens to help feed the children, all of whom are either orphans or from extremely poor families. 

Idjwi Island/Medical Fund 

There are many people on Idjwi Island in the Congo who desperately need the medical care that can be provided by Kibogora Methodist Hospital right across the border in Rwanda. But they do not have medical insurance and are unable to afford the small fee charged by the hospital for treatment. Many of them also cannot afford the canoe ride from Idjwi to Kibogora to seek treatment. 

Feminine Hygiene Kits 

A developing nation cannot develop if half of its population is falling behind. Older girls without proper feminine hygiene miss approximately one week of school each month. Many girls end up dropping out of school altogether since it is so difficult to be constantly trying to catch up to the rest of the class. 

Other Global Opportunities

  • Operation Christmas Child: Church members pack shoe boxes with small toys and school supplies for impoverished children around the world to help spread the message of God's love through shoe box gifts. This is a part of the Christian organization Samaratan's Purse. Click here for more details on this incredible program.
  • Care packages for our Troops: Fill a shoebox with snacks, treats and necessary supplies for a veteran serving overseas!
Delivering medical supplies in Rwanda