Meet Members of our Church Leadership

Get to know the people behind the scenes

Mike Sams, Lay leader

Born on a Marine Corp base at Quantico…..married to Courtney and father of 3 girls…..wishes he had a more exciting hobby, but truth is he actually enjoys yardwork…..New England sports fan…..loves coaching his kid’s teams….passionate about faith, family, and country and appreciating God’s grace on display in our lives every day.

Christine Coffman and Beth Reinach, Outreach Committee Chairs


Hails from Upstate NY and a small town called Newark (not to be confused with the big town in NJ)….Married with children…2 boys and 2 girls (Jessica, always in our hearts), 1 grandson, and a 4-legged canine young-un named Peach…..Loves chocolate, long walks in the woods with friends and family, being outside appreciating nature, and being organized….if ever in a “name that tune” music trivia contest you will want to have Christine on your team.  Her dream vacation?.....New Zealand!


Originally from the suburbs of Philadelphia, has lived in many states before settling down here in Westborough. Married with 2 kids and a cat named Annabelle, who’s daily antics provide lots of laughter in the household…. Still searching for the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe…(not crispy, not chewy, but in between)….and under no circumstances will she take calls during a Penn State football game!  Enjoys spending free time with her family and friends, exercising, reading, and traveling. Passionate about helping others, health, and education.

Jonathan and Kristine Owen, Appalachia Service Project Chairs


Born in PA but still an Eagles fan, a MA resident for the past 30 yrs....married to Kristine and father of 2…. Jonathan is not hard to pick out in the church choir given his tall stature, his booming bass voice, and his frequent accompaniment on the guitar. He has a passion for the Appalachia Service Project (ASP)…supporting the program, the volunteers, and the people it serves. Not long after his first trip as an 11th grader in 1985, he began leading trips with both youth and adult volunteers for FUMC. Jonathan also served as the leader of the United Methodist Youth Fellowship (UMWF) for 14 years.


Native to MA….married to Jonathan and mother of 2 young children…..She enjoys spending time hiking and traveling….Along with her husband, Kristine has a soft spot in her heart for youth and spent time working with young adults through both camping and retreat ministries. She also sings in the choir, serves on our church’s building committee, and has a big passion for the ASP program.

Mark and Amy Neil, Rwanda Mission Chairs


Born in CA, but grew up in Congo, Africa….son of missionary parents….fluent in Swahili….married to Amy and father of 5….Self-described tinker who enjoys working on computers and vehicles (especially the funky military kind!)….passionate about Africa and being an African travel guide…loves bringing Americans there for the 1st time…helping them overcome any reluctance to go and then seeing them come alive to the beauty of the land and the people when they get there.


Raised in Sudbury, MA….wife to Mark, mother of 5 and resident zookeeper of “the best dog ever” (Lacy), a bunny, a hamster, and a small school of fish….Lover of the outdoors and keeping it clean - making a point to pick up trash whenever she goes hiking…..Enjoys tickling the ivory as a pianist in church and seeking new adventures in life that will push and stretch her….Passionate about sharing Rwanda/Congo with members of her local community and with helping provide an education for children in the Congo.

Gregg Kashmanian, Staff Parish Relations Committee Chair (SPRC)

Born in Norwood, MA….married to Kathy and celebrating their “Pearl” (30yr) anniversary in 2019…..father of two plus Sweet Rosie, the family dog.  Known for his love of life (and chicken parm)….always smiling and being optimistic…., but can turn up those competitive juices during recreational Basketball or the Church’s spring softball league.  Loves to travel (Italy and London are faves) and to pump iron. He’s passionate about having a strong relationship with God and with his family.

Susan Reynolds, FUMC Chair on Methodist Admin Council

Originally from Norwell, MA, she visited FUMC for the first time in 1992 and has been coming ever since! Married to Dave and mother of two, her sons refer to her as “the Church lady” because of all the committees she’s served on and how much she enjoys learning more about religion.  In her free time, she enjoys taking in live music, skiing, boating, and other sporting activities. Whether in her occupation as a physical therapist or her work in the church, she is passionate about enjoying the unique things each day has to offer us in life and in helping have an impact on others.

Robert Martin, Trustee

Originally from Durham, NC….married to Jamie, father of 3 with more pets than kids! (2 dogs, 2 cats).  Loves to work on home improvement projects. Is happiest when outdoors and loves hiking and biking.

Mike Reitsma, Finance Committee Chair

Imported from Canada (born in Burlington, Ontario)…Married to Yem and father of three girls….plus an entertaining canine kid named Hercules….keeps busy with work, family time, and service as the FUMC Finance chair, but straps on his skates and re-lives his glory days twice a week playing hockey on the ice.   Mike has a passion for coaching youth sports and appreciates the connection it gives him with his daughters and their friends. He enjoys volunteering at FUMC as it helps him grow in his faith journey and expand his spiritual family.